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Welcome to WorkPlayz Montessori School!

We are a private school offering Montessori programmes to young children from 1.5 to 6 years old.
By adopting the Montessori approach to education, we aspire to nurture happy and confident children who are ready for tomorrow’s world. Help your child build a strong foundation for future learning by joining one of our classes today!

WorkPlayz Montessori at Upper Bukit Timah

What Programmes are available at WorkPlayz Montessori?

✔ Weekday and weekend classes
✔ Flexible timing

✔ Small-size classes
✔ 1-on-1 option

How will my child benefit from a Montessori education?

Experience and research both indicate that children attending Montessori schools tend to be academically competent, creative, socially well adjusted, and happy.


Children from a Montessori program are often several years ahead of grade level. They have a strong foundation in language and math. They are often exceptionally knowledgeable in other areas as well, such as geography, zoology, botany, physical science, history and art.


Children who attend Montessori schools demonstrate a high level of creativity and problem-solving. Some of the most well-known innovators of today, who include Google’s founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, videogame pioneer Will Wright, and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, are alumni of this method and have praised it as one of the important factors to their success.


Montessori school children usually strike a visitor as friendly, empathetic, and cooperative. The classroom is a cheerful social community where children happily help each other. Learning social grace and courtesy are a part of the Montessori curriculum.


Most parents of children in a Montessori school comment on how much their children love school.They like school and are usually interested in everything. Typically, they are friendly, generous, cooperative, and respectful of both property and others.

Why WorkPlayz Montessori?

At WorkPlayz Montessori, your child will:

Receive a high-quality Montessori education

We follow closely the Montessori method. The school is fully equipped with quality Montessori materials. Each child is given ample time and space to work with the materials of interest.

Learn from highly qualified teachers

Many teachers at WorkPlayz Montessori School are graduates from established universities.

Be immersed in a bilingual environment

We strongly believe that childhood is an opportune time to acquire multiple languages, so we provide a natural and enriched environment for the child to do just so.

Develop global perspectives

We consciously design and deliver our programmes in such a way as to cultivate a global mindset in the child, so that she will thrive in a multicultural world of today and tomorrow.

Start your child’s learning journey today!

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